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Michael C. Fulbright

I am a new faculty member at Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN. My research interests are broad, but mainly I am focused on the physiological ecology and functional morphology of vertebrates. Currently I am finishing my dissertation which involves investigating the functional and physiological adaptations to durophagy (eating hard things) by map turtles (Graptemys spp.).

My Latest Research

My dissertation research focuses on several biomechanical and physiological aspects of feeding in female map turtles with different trophic morphologies. Currently I am measuring bite forces, handling times, and SDA in response to feeding on different prey items in mega- and microcephalic turtles.

*Photo by Brad Moon

In collaboration with my former labmate David Penning, I am examining differences between the terrestrial and arboreal defensive strikes of ratsnakes. We have found some interesting results regarding the scaling of this performance measure, which I am prepping for publication.

Brad Moon and I were featured in an article about a wandering alligator snapping turtle found on the University of Louisiana's campus. For more information, click on the image to the left for a video and article.


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